After Historic Flooding, The ‘Do Good Fest’ Raised Almost $1.5 Million For Vermont

Bob Fitch

The National Life Insurance Company, with a 175-year legacy rooted in Montpelier, Vermont, continues to uphold its motto, “Believe in tomorrow. Do good today,” even in the face of historic flooding.

The town was set to have their annual benefit concert called the Do Good Fest, which they normally hold on the company’s picturesque back lawn. But sadly, a devastating flood struck the region.

However, in an amazing display of resilience, the organizers managed to work swiftly, and in just three days, they transformed the event into an intimate indoor acoustic performance that was live-streamed in order to reach audiences across Vermont, as well as even nationwide and worldwide. Through their digital platform, they were able to receive contributions to rebuild Vermont through online donations.

Despite their hardships, the Do Good Fest fundraiser managed to exceed their expectations and the company raised their original promised amount to match $500,000 with donations pouring in.

During the event on July 15, National Life’s CEO, Mehran Assadi, announced a remarkable decision: the company would not match donations, which were nearing $750,000, resulting in a grand total of $1.5 million. This extraordinary contribution stands as the most significant gift thus far to the VT Flood Response & Recovery Fund 2023.

The substantial funds raised will be channeled into the Vermont Community Foundation’s VT Flood Response & Recovery Fund 2023, with an initial allocation of $500,000 directed to local relief agencies for immediate assistance.

Remarkably, the tax-exempt public charity had amassed over $2.5 million in gifts and commitments for the Recovery Fund within its very first week, yet they continue to welcome additional donations.

According to Mr. Assadi, “National Life Group is an insurance company with a soul. We have been a part of this community since 1848, and this is what a good company does – it takes care of its neighbors.”

Stryker Munley Group

President of the Vermont Community Foundation, Dan Smith, said, “Vermont is at its best when we look out for each other and our neighbors.”

He added, “As an employer and a neighbor, National Life has embodied that for over a century and has done so again with this incredible commitment.”

“We are so grateful to be able to put these resources to work for families, farms, and small businesses affected by this catastrophic storm. Together we remain Vermont-strong,” he said.


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