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Are all of the pets currently in your household spayed/neutered? No Yes

Are all your pets up to date on basic shots and dogs on heartworm preventative? No Yes

Who is your current vet and can we contact him/her for a reference? No Yes

Do you Rent or Own your home? rent own

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Do you have a fenced yard? No Yes
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Do you have a swimming pool? No Yes

Are you familiar with crate training? No Yes

Have you ever housetrained a dog/puppy before? No Yes

Can someone visit your home before you foster? No Yes

Do you have time and transport to take a pet to the vet? No Yes

Do you have time to talk with prospective adopters and do home visits? No Yes

Do you think you will be able to give up a pet to a new home after you have fostered it? No Yes

Do you realize that sometimes fostering a pet can be a long term commitment? No Yes


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