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MHS Fostering Program

Criteria for becoming an MHS Foster:

You are responsible to keep the pet for the time it takes to place in a new home.

Pets are from shelters, are strays or are owner release pets.

You must consult with a board member before agreeing to foster a pet.

Remember MHS has a policy that once the animal is brought in, it will only be euthanised in extreme medical or behavioral cases which would need consent of 3 board members.

If a litter of kittens or pups are taken in the mother (if available) must be brought in as well.

The fostering member will be responsible for housing and placement of the pet. This can be a long term commitment so should be carefully considered before taking the pet into care.

Each member is limited to 2 foster pets – a litter of kittens or pups counts as 1.

Vet Care

The pet should go to a MHS vet.

Cats need to be feline LK tested, dogs need to be HTWorm tested if over 3 months. If either are found to be positive, further consultation with board member is needed.

Basic medical procedures should be provided. This includes routine shots, worming, flea or heartworm control.

Pets should be spayed or neutered.

Adoption Package and adoption contract

The foster must use an MHS adoption contract and pet package. The adoption contract should be filled in with the appropriate medical notes and details of the pet.


The pet should be listed for adoption on the MHS dog/cat list and web pages for advertisement purposes. The foster should provide a photo and general information as soon as possible.

Cats can be scheduled to go into the cat condo in Grapevine or Bedford.

Enquiries on the pet are forwarded to the foster. The foster/member should contact the adopter in a timely fashion and screen that person before adopting out the pet. If possible they will do a home visit with the adopter before placement. Guidance on this is available from a board member.

If you are interested in becoming an MHS Foster, please complete the Foster Form:
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