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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?
As we are a volunteer group we do not have a physical address/shelter you can visit. We do most of our programs/work in the mid-cities and alliance area of Dallas Fort Worth.

What is your email address?

What is your phone number?
817-491-9499 (office hours 9-12noon and 2 -4.30pm on weekdays)

Can I give a cat or dog to you for placement?
MHS does very limited fostering of pets. Please see our Place a Pet page for more information on how to send information about the pet. You may also e-mail or contact us by phone during working hours and talk with a volunteer.

Did you pick up my lost dog (or cat)?
MHS does not pick up lost pets. Contact your local animal control. Call or send us details about your pet and we will list it on our lost and found pet listing.

I want to adopt a new pet. How do I do that?
Go to our pet list, check out the descriptions and photos and then send in an application or call the number in the listing.

Are all the pets on your listings MHS pets?
No. We help other individuals, groups and shelters in courtesy listing/placement of pets.

Are your listed pets all healthy?
All MHS pets will have been seen by a vet and been given medical treatment according to their needs. Courtesy listed pets should be healthy but this will depend on their status at the time. Ask questions before you adopt.

Do you charge an adoption/donation for your pets?
Yes. It will vary according to what expenses have been incurred to care for the pet. The amount will show in the listing.

When I adopt an MHS pet but it is not old enough to spay or neuter, how do I know when & where to take it in to be done?
On the MHS adoption contract it will give a date when the pet needs to be spayed or neutered. A volunteer will call you before that date to set up both the time and place to take your pet.

If I take in a stray and am willing to keep it until it finds a home and MHS lists it as a courtesy listing , do I have to be responsible for spaying/ neutering, or can it wait until it is adopted and let the adoptive 'parents' do it?
We advise you to get the pet spayed/neutered and given a Rabies shot ASAP. This is to help the pet get placed and for your safety. You can then ask the adopter to reimburse the expense as an adoption fee.

Can I bring my pet to you to be spayed or neutered?
No. However we can assist with low cost spay/neuter. Please call us or email for more details or visit the Spay/Neuter Your Pet website.

Can I get shots/vaccinations there for my pet?
No but we do have a low cost vet clinic held the 3rd Saturday of each month at the Animal clinic in Grapevine 817 488 4618, 9.30a.m.-12noon. No appointment needed.

I have a very ill pet but I can not afford to take him to a vet. What can I do?
Please call our phone line with complete details. A volunteer with our welfare program will get back to you to see if we can help.

I have seen a dog hit on the road. Will you come and get it?
No. Please call the animal control for your area or the police department.

Animals are being abused, neglected by a neighbor. Can you help?
No. Please contact the animal control dept of your city, the police department or the Humane Society of North Texas at 817-322-4768 ext 113/107 or the SPCA at 214-651-9611.

There is a dead cat/dog on the road outside my house. Will you collect it.?
No. Call your local animal control or city roads dept.

Can I send you a donation/memorial for a friend who has died/a donation in honor of a friend?
Yes, please do. Visit our donations page for more details.

Can I get a tax receipt for items /cash I donate to you?
Yes. MHS is a 501(c) charitable organization and will send receipts gladly.

We are holding an event at our church/school/ business. Will you bring pets?
Maybe. Please contact us though our phone or e-mail


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