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Adoption Guidelines

MHS does not have an animal shelter. Some of our listed pets are MHS foster pets, some are courtesy listed pets and some are pets in local shelters.

Please read the following guidelines carefully before applying to adopt a pet.

  1. No pets are adopted out-of-state.
  2. We try to match people and pets so that everyone involved has an wonderful, happy experience for the entire life of the pet. We do require that pets be spayed or neutered at the appropriate age, 4-6 months.
  3. Potential adopters are screened and interviewed by trained adoption counselors prior to any placement. We reserve the right to refuse adoption. We do this to the benefit of both people and pets.



These animals come to MHS through a number of different ways. All have been rescued from an uncertain future. These pets have been seen by a vet, tested and given shots. They are neutered at the appropriate age. Because they have lived in our homes we have a better understanding of what type of family would be the best for them.

MHS foster pets are in foster homes being fostered by volunteers. MHS is responsible for these pets.


These are pets we are courtesy listing for individuals, shelters, groups, or other organizations by advertising the need for new homes.These pets all need new homes and we work equally hard to make a good placement. MHS cannot guarantee medical or behavioral status and cannot be held liable for these placements. Enquiries on these pets will be forwarded to the person responsible for the pet. The person responsible for that pet will then contact the owner and will make any decisions on placing the pet.


  1. Check out the pet posting pages
  2. Remember, we donít place out of state.
  3. Contact us:

a)  Call the MHS during office hours at: 817-491-9499. Or...

b)  Send  e-mail inquiry to,accompanied by completed Adoption Application, which may be obtained by clicking here. Or...

c) Click here to complete the Online Adoption Application Form. Or...

d) Click here for Print/Fax version.

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